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  Public Awareness Raising on the Impacts of Traffic related Air Pollution on Environment and Health

1) Participation in the meeting with Albanian Member of Parliamentary of Environment, Trade and Industry Commission
ECAT Tirana participated in a meeting with Albanian MP of Environment, Trade and Industry Commission regarding the lobbying on environmental issues especially on air quality issues on Albanian Parliament on November 25, 2008. During the meeting, MP were asked to endorse measures proposed by the integrated strategy for a sustainable traffic development in Tirana and take a public position on air quality issues.
A leaflet to promote the Integrated Urban Transport Strategy has been distributed to the members of Parliaments participating to the meeting

2) Children Drawing Competition in Tirana
Public awareness activities involving school children organized and carried out by ECAT Tirana aimed to enable children:
a) to gain knowledge of traffic related issues outside curricular learning, including air pollution caused by traffic, negative impacts of traffic on health and environment;
b) to raise awareness of involved children of traffic related issues through drawing competition activities identifying different problems caused by urban traffic in Tirana city.
About 100 children participated in the public awareness activities.The activities were carried out in two phases:
In the first phase (preparatory phase) in May 2009, the working team comprised of ECAT Tirana representatives and two teachers gave presentations on Urban Traffic, Environment and Health focusing on the negative impacts of air pollution caused by traffic on children health. The children took keen interest in traffic and traffic related air quality. During the preparatory phase children gained knowledge of air pollution caused by traffic, road safety issues, etc. which prepared them for the drawing competitions.
In the second phase during June 2009 ECAT Tirana organized drawing competition with the theme: Improvement of Air Quality related to Traffic in Tirana? Children put their ideas in drawings giving different environmental messages. Several drawings were chosen to be presented in the exhibition. Rewards and certificates were given to talented children
A poster featuring with the slogan "What will be the future for our children?" and a collation of best drawings was produced.

3) Preparation of leaflets on effects of air pollution on health and environment
ECAT Tirana prepared a leaflet to promote the Integrated Urban Transport Strategy which was presented and distributed to the participants in the seminar Contribution of Traffic to Air Quality in Tirana City
The leaflet comprises the key components of Strategy to achieve the goals of improving the traffic situation, reducing air pollution and options to solve the actual and future traffic problems in Tirana.
In addition, the leaflet summarized the objectives and activities to be carried out by the project Sustainable Improvement of Air Quality related to Traffic in Tirana, Albania and Podgorica, Montenegro