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  Activities undertake during the project:

Promotion and Training on Development of the Integrated Strategy for a Sustainable Traffic Development

1) Promotion meeting of Integrated Urban Transport Strategy for a Sustainable Traffic Development in Tirana in the light of the implementation of its main recommendations.
The seminar "Contribution of Traffic to Air Quality in Tirana City" was held in Tirana in March 3, 2009. The purpose of the seminar was to introduce the Integrated Strategy for a Sustainable Traffic Development in Tirana, Albania, results and conclusions of NO2 survey and to seek concrete measures to shape traffic policy in the city. In addition, the seminar presented experiences and initiatives from other European cities for clean transportation in urban environments.
The seminar was organized by ECAT Tirana in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Water Administration. Representatives of Municipality of Tirana, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Water Administration, Ministry of Health, Agency for Environment and Forests, Institute of Transport, Institute of Health participated in the seminar
The seminar introduced the Integrated Strategy for a Sustainable Traffic Development in Tirana, Albania, and the short- and long-term integrated measures to reduce air pollution caused by traffic. In addition, results and conclusions of the NO2 Survey in Tirana in relation to traffic organized by ECAT Tirana in 2008 were presented.
Forecasts developed under the Strategy have shown that under the current transport policy, the city√‘ road traffic double by 2014 and triple by 2021. As a result, air pollution in Tirana is set to increase dramatically.
The meeting recommended more stringent standards emissions for vehicles and improvement of vehicle inspection. It was suggested that results of NO2 tube survey be published to underpin the public awareness campaign. The meeting laid importance to bolstering community involvement and empowerment.

2) Training on the development of the Integrated Strategy for a Sustainable Traffic Development in Podgorica, Montenegro.
On 5 March, 2009 ECAT Tirana together with Green Home organized successfully the training seminar on the Promotion of the Integrated Strategy for a Sustainable Traffic Development, which was held in Podgorica, Montenegro.
Representatives of institutions concerned with traffic and air quality as Secretariat for Transport, Municipality of Podgorica, Ministry of Transport, Centre for Ecotoxic testing, Podgorica Taxi, Representatives of ECAT Tirana participated
The aim of this activity is to transfer know-how and strengthen the capacities on the development of sustainable urban transport strategy in both countries, and promote sustainable practices leading to improved air quality.
The Strategy for Sustainable Development of the Traffic in Tirana, prepared previously by ECAT Tirana in cooperation with Municipality of Tirana has been presented and promoted in the training seminar
The state of traffic and of air quality in Podgorica was presented. Also representatives from Montenegrin Ministry of Transport presented the sustainable transport programs to reduce the negative impacts on environment.