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  Several meetings were held within the lifetime of the project. Meetings were held with project partners including Municipality of Tirana, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Water Administration, Institute of Public Transport, Institute of Public Health, Project “Strengthening of the Environmental Monitoring System in Albania” (StEMA), Institute for Habitat Development (Co-PLAN).
Cooperation with Municipality of Tirana in the strategic issues of transport formalized in Memorandum of Understanding, is seen as important for the implementation of the project.
The meetings focused on wide range of topics: Current situation of traffic in Tirana, data acquisition and analysis, participation in join projects, training need analysis. The meetings lead to better coordination of various actors in traffic and transport in Tirana and exploitation of synergies between different projects.
The meetings between ECAT Tirana and representatives of World Health Organisation (WHO) laid the groundwork for the development of a system for air pollution in Tirana through the coordination of the activities between projects concerned with air pollution monitoring and also through providing technical guidance to the process. Several meetings with all the potential actors have been organized by ECAT Tirana in co-operation with the WHO in order to facilitate this process.
Recently ECAT Tirana participated in the the workshop "Action Plan to reduce air pollution in Tirana" organized by WHO, Ministry of Health. The workshop reviewed and agreed on the "Action Plan" covering full set of actions necessary to improve air quality in Tirana, contributing to creation of urban environment supportive to health. Issues discussed included fiscal policy, legislative actions, transport infrastructure, urban infrastructure, and waste management.

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