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  ECAT Tirana organized a study tour in Karlsruhe and Freiburg, Germany and Strasburg, France in October 2005 with the participation of the senior level administrators of the Municipality of Tirana and Deputy mayor Mrs. Vali Bizhga.
The study tour was designed to strengthen the professional capacities of Municipality of Tirana administrators concerned with sustainable traffic planning. Officials from Municipality of Tirana and ECAT Tirana experts participated in the study tour.
The visit of the team at transport planning office of the Municipality of Karlsruhe addressed issues related to street design, transport management and dealing with parking, long term transport and urban strategy.
The purpose of the visit at Karlsruhe Regional Transit Authority and a municipality-owned operator was to explore issues related to public transportation and to consider potential applications of solutions implemented in Karlsruhe to Tirana city. The meeting focused on regional collaboration and tariff system, regional light rail system, tariff system and discussion of electronic ticketing versus season tickets, public transport environmental performance. A visit was made in the traffic control center.
The meeting Transport Planning Office at Freiburg municipality focused on transport development in the compact European city street design, recent projects of integrated town and transport planning, dealing with pressure of parking, regional collaboration in public transport, environmental strategy of the municipality, and dealing with air pollution.
The representative of Agence de Développement Economique et Urbain de Strasbourg gave an overview of the restructuring of the train station in anticipation of the arrival of the high-speed train and guided the team to the border with Kehl city, showing routes for bicyclists and pedestrians where a speed limit was imposed.
The meeting at Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg focused on urban projects and perspectives of the agglomeration development, Implementation of a new tram network and design of public spaces, Metropolitan project – Strasbourg, and European projects on transport and land-use integration in the cross–border region. An overview of the Urban Transport Management in the Municipality of Strasbourg city was presented.

A study tour was organized in Mainz, Wiesbaden, Eschborn, Frankfurt, Germany and Paris, France in May 2007 by ECAT Tirana. Participants from Municipality of Tirana and ECAT Tirana participated in the study tour.

The study tour was focused on possible solutions to improve public transport in Tirana. One main topic was Bus Rapid Transit Systems (BRT) and comparing these bus based systems with tramway systems. The transport experts from the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) explained the BRT in Latin America and Asia and the support given to these cities by GTZ. In Paris, Municipal Public Transport Planning Office representatives presented their experience with Bus Rapid Transit and with Tramway..
The group visited the new newly constructed tram line of Sud Marechaux. This ecological form of transport reduces about 25 % of urban traffic in the city.
Visits at sites of bus improvement program showed that improvement of bus services can be achieved by creating special bus lanes, especially on congested roads and giving the priority to the buses during the traffic flow at traffic lights.

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