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  The project has carried out a number of activities designed to increase public awareness of traffic and traffic related air pollution. Activities included drawing competitions involving primary schools children and organization of car free days.

Car Free Day
ECAT Tirana in co-operation with Municipality of Tirana organized successfully, on 22 September, 2006, joining European Movement Week and International Car Free Day aiming to encourage people to think about the environment (the impact of their transport choices) and to promote healthier and more active forms of transportation in Tirana city.
Children and adults enjoyed several wide ranging activities in a car free environment at Deshmoret e 4 Shkurtit Street and Deshmoret e Kombit Boulevard from 10:00 to 16:00 as: walking, running, roller blade and bike race, bike shows from Tirana Circus, schools children environmental art competitions, etc.
Car Free Day Poster and T-shirts with the slogan by bicycle around the city were prepared and distributed by ECAT Tirana.
In co-operation with ALBA-TRANSPORT (a private public transport activity) free ride was offered to the riders during the day, to promote public transport as a sustainable alternative of transport.
Bicycles with the EU logo and German Federal Ministry of Environment were given as rewards to the children, winners of art competition.

Children Drawing Competition
The public awareness activities involving school children sought to enable children to gain knowledge on the traffic related issues outside curricular learning as air pollution caused by traffic, negative impacts of the urban traffic on health and environment and to raise awareness of traffic related issues through the drawing competition activities identifying different problems caused by urban traffic in Tirana city.
About 100 children of the “Drita e Diturise” and “1 May” schools participated in the public awareness activities.
Poster with slogan“ What will the future of our children be like” was prepared.

International events
Project results have been presented at a number of international events:
(i)THE PEP (Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme) – Berlin, Janar 2006
(ii)Sustainable urban transport and land use planning, Tbilisi, Georgia, 18-20 October 2006. Results from a health impact assessment of transport carried out in Tbilisi were presented and discussed to improve the relevance and applicability of the THE PEP tool-box to countries of eastern and south eastern Europe, Caucasus and central Asia.
(iii)Green Week, Brussels, 12 -15 June 2007
Green Week provided a unique opportunity for debate, exchange of experience and best practice among non-governmental organizations, businesses, various levels of government and the public.
Poster and video with activities of SUSSTRAFIA project were provided in this exhibition.
(iv)29th NATO/SPS International Technical Meeting on Air Pollution Modelling and its Application Aveiro, Portugal, 24 –28 September 2007.