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  The training seminar “Urban traffic planning strategies, methodologies of transport surveys, planning of public transport, services analysis capacity and level, sectoral policy integration” was held in May, 2006

The training seminar addressed a group of experts from infrastructure, urban planning and transport department from Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Telecommunication, Municipality of Tirana, Institute of Transport Studies, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Water Administration.

The training seminar followed the on-the-job training addressed to experts in regional planning and traffic planning from Municipality of Tirana on the methodologies for traffic and spatial planning.

The seminar “Making Public Transport in Tirana More Attractive” was held in March 2007. Representatives of Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Telecommunication, Municipality of Tirana, Institute of Transport Studies, and Association of public Transport Operators participated. .

On-the-job-training on the methodology of traffic counts was carried out.

The training seminar on Air Pollution was held in Tirana in 6 December 2007.

Training was intended for specialists with experience in air quality who felt that developing their knowledge of some of the scientific issues in this field would allow them to carry out better AQM work and specialists who would actually be involved in NO2 passive sampling survey, which would be carried out in Tirana and organized by ECAT Tirana.
Representatives of Institute of Public Health, Agency of Environment and Forests, Institute of Hydrometeorology, EU CARDS StEMA project, Regional Environmental Agency, participated. About 20 participants attended the seminar.
Training introduced basic concepts of air pollution. Topics discussed in the training course included the life of an air pollutant and influence of meteorology. The various approaches to measurement of air pollutants and modeling air pollution were discussed, including passive sampling. A detailed description of the campaign strategy, chemical analysis and data analysis was provided.
The representative of Institute of Public Health reviewed urban air quality situation in 2007. Preliminary results of the air quality monitoring conducted by the new equipment installed early in 2007 confirm that air pollution levels are very high in Tirana, markedly exceeding the highest “Interim Target” level defined by WHO Air Quality Guideline for PM10 as well as air quality standards applicable in European Union countries. This pollution reduces life expectancy of Tirana citizens, increases mortality due to cardiovascular diseases, contributes to progression and severity of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, and aggravates frequency and severity of asthmatic symptoms and of acute respiratory diseases of children living in Tirana.
The representative of hydro meteorological reviewed sampling methods used for air monitoring, including active methods and diffusive methods. The latter is based on the molecular diffusion of gases through a solution, filter or adsorbent and extraction using appropriate eluent and laboratory analysis. A description of the various types of diffusive tubes was provided.

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