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  The objective of the project was the development of an effective management system for Healthcare Waste (HCW) generated in Tirana, with a step-by-step implementation by Tirana hospitals, including the treatment and disposal in line with international standards and regulations, modified to suit local conditions in a manner approved by the WHO.

The project carried out:

A strategic plan on Healthcare Waste Management
• An improved HCW management system enabling the better control of infectious diseases
Principles and appropriate tools for Healthcare Waste Management were introduced and adopted by some of the hospitals;
The establishment of long-term international partnership at various levels;
• The first steps towards the harmonization with BE healthcare and environmental regulations
A review of the legislation and recommendations for a legislative framework
• The transfer of know-how about healthcare waste management systems through study tours.
Training sessions for officers in charge of waste disposal was conducted;
Technical information and costs estimates for healthcare waste treatment were documented, reviewed and compared
Recommendations for segregation material, handling, storage and transport of clinical waste were ascertained. The transfer of policy into action is facilitated in spite of the lack of earmarked resources for implementation