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  The project aimed to help the four SEE countries to identify and than exchange experience and expertise about:

• Problems with hazardous waste that have to be solved
• Local capacity in hazardous waste treatment
• Existing practices and achievements in hazardous waste management
• Progress in transposition of EU legislation and developing of national policy and legislation
Report on “Hazardous waste management practices, problems and needs in Albania,” assessment of existing and development of further legislative, economic and preparatory technical assistance for Albania
Inventory of hazardous waste, assessment of current and future hazardous waste generation, accumulated waste, staff training, institutional building in the respective countries, networking.
• Initiation of national Hazardous Waste Management Advisory Committee;
• List of urgent issues to be addressed before the regional strategy is fully developed and capacity strengthening plan for the next project phase
Draft regional strategy for hazardous waste management based on national assessments of problems and regional needs in hazardous waste management