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  The objective of the project was to prepare management plans for waste recovery, collection, transport and final disposal for Shkodra, Lezha, Elbasan, Fier, Pogradec and Korca towns and bankable landfill project as well.

Project entailed:

Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment for the identification of the most appropriate sites and for the verification of the detailed designs of the landfills for each of the six towns.
• Identification of the most appropriate local administrative structures for development of the waste management policy and action programme for each town.
Identification of economic instruments to support the necessary investment and preparation of the project financing and appropriate project’s schedules.
Preparation of the draft law for the establishment of Waste management Basin’s Authority and draft regulation, according to the recommendations of the National Waste Management Plan
• Organisation of the training programs and study tours for the experts of the six towns and other activities including monitoring of the project with involvement of the public actors and local NGOs.